COVID-19 has not been kind to organizations, agencies, non-profits, places of worship, and most businesses.  Demand is down causing sales to plummet and the labor force to be cut to match whatever level of income is the “new normal”. Besides the fiscal impact of less hours, layoffs, and pay cuts many are afraid of the uncertainty of what is coming next. If you own a business and have chosen to keep your employees on payroll, what happens when the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds are spent? 

Then there is the personal uncertainty. If you are laid off how long will it be?  Will we have school in September?  How much longer do you have to wear a mask? Do you know how to homeschool? Will you ever look at a crowd the same again? 

Frankly I miss people… and the daily social interactions, of even simple routine things,                pre COVID-19. 

I do not know the answers to most of the above and if I did, it would just be another opinion in a crowd of opinions anyway.  What I do know is how to pivot my business and adapt to a changing economic environment.

Step One:  What are you doing really well?  Keep doing it!, Adapt as needed.

A friend of mine is a personal organizer who worries that folks will not want her to come into their home. However, people are struggling to identify a good work space in their home that will create a boundary between work time and personal time.  Could she pivot her business to offer online support through Zoom / DIY videos etc. and increase sales in a COVID-19 business environment?

Step Two: Stop and evaluate threats that COVID-19 brought to your business: less work; less vehicles on the road delivering product when many businesses have closed or have limited hours – What about the masks?  Many do not want to be around other people unnecessarily. Adapt to the threats and overcome them. Inside every threat to an organization is an opportunity for business growth and personal development.

At All-Pro Fleet Services we have set a COVID Policy and we follow it. We have set up Curbside Services for those who do not want to enter the building and for those who are unwilling to put on a mask. We sanitize vehicles before and after they are serviced with a hospital grade sanitizer. In addition the office space is sanitized multiple times a day.

Step three: What new opportunities are available?  Are there opportunities that have always been there but you have not taken advantage of them prior to now? 

Historically we have limited after-hours breakdown services. We identified that there was an opportunity to replace some of the lost business by quickly adding 24/7 Breakdown Services to our customers. It worked ! We were able to replace the lost business in July by taking some extra emergency calls. The good news is that we met a need in our community at the same time. Imagine being a truck driver during COVID. To be broke down away from home is not something that I would look forward to……..

Folks across the country have also found an opportunity to spend more time together on road trips and family vacations – visiting state parks and more. As a result we have had the opportunity to help many families who have vehicle issues in Southern Oregon.  One family spent the day with their pop-up tent and folding chairs set up in the field next to our shop while we repaired their vehicle.  Grandpa had recently had a heart transplant and they wanted to spend some time together in a safe environment.  They packed up the kids and grandkids in two Motorhomes and were enjoying the Oregon scenery. We were grateful that we were able to quickly repair their vehicle and get them back to their trip!

If you are already an All-Pro customer or someone looking for a great shop to work with we want you to feel confident that we will be here for many many years and even generations to come. Our family started in the transportation business in Holland four generations ago. We have a 5th generation in the business and learning the business. We live and breathe hard-work. We will be humble. We will earn your business and we will pivot and adapt for the next COVID, the next economic downturn, or unpleasant business environment. We don’t know when, but the next economic uptick in the growth cycle is coming. We are getting ready for it. If you are a current All-Pro employee or a future team member we want you to be confident that we will work hard to support you reaching your financial and life goals.  

So, where is your blessing in Covid-19? It is there somewhere. Be humble – Be adaptable and pivot, change with the times and grow…… Find your opportunity and have lots of drive and passion for success.

All-Pro Fleet Services is a locally owned fleet maintenance and repair company who specializes in providing mobile service to commercial fleets in Southern Oregon.  All-Pro Fleet Services is located at 174 Trout Way in White City. (541) 826-0545 Their full service shop is equipped to handle all repairs. All-Pro Fleet Services also provides overflow service and emergency roadside repair as well as major and minor repairs.

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