What makes one business stand out from all of the others in their community?

Everyone has a competitive advantage.  The real question is whether most business owners and managers have taken the time to identify what their competitive edge is. If some know what it is, have they communicated it to their customers and their employees?

A lot of business coaches would tell you to find out what your “Why” is. Author Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why” addresses this really well. My “Why” is a little convoluted. How does a girl, a 20 year financial advisor, leave her successful career to start a Truck Shop?  I didn’t have a crazy burning desire to learn about trucks! My “Why” is that I love being a business owner, bringing my dogs to work, wearing jeans and most of all sharing this business with my husband.  

When I moved past my “why” I realized that I’m more passionate about the HOW!  How do we create and communicate a  company culture that we can be proud of?  The simple answer is that every business must have a leader – a person who is willing to give direction and enforce orders. That can be harder than one would expect!  You have to be able to set goals and guide the team to meet those goals.

All-Pro Fleet Services has eleven Company Philosophies.

These are the core values of our business. It is what we communicate to every new employee on their first day and it is what we recognize and reward.

  1. Do each job right the first time.
  2. Every job should be done at a fair price.
  3. Give better customer service then any other shop in town.
  4. Warranty what should be warranted. Give the benefit of the doubt and take care of the customer.
  5. Build long term relationships – Make them your custom for 30 years – not 30 days.
  6. Conduct your work honestly.
  7. Appreciate your customers though Thank You notes etc.
  8. Be who your customer wants you to be.
  9. Convenience and availability are often more important to a fleet customer than price.
  10. Don’t give away work that can be done in your shop.
  11. The owner sets the tone for the business.

We talk about each of these on a regular basis and reward/recognize our team for living by these simple philosophies. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback that your team continually works to set themselves apart though amazing customer service and more!

All-Pro Fleet Services is a locally owned fleet maintenance and repair company who specializes in providing mobile service to commercial fleets in Southern Oregon.  All-Pro Fleet Services is located at 174 Trout Way in White City. Their full service shop is equipped to handle all brake repairs including determining if a brake rotor should be turned or replaced.  All-Pro Fleet Services also provides overflow service and emergency roadside repair as well as major and minor repairs.