Several years ago, all a technician needed was a basic tool to pull codes from a vehicle when it had a check engine light. An ODBII code reader works well for light duty vehicles and a basic tool with the right connector will pull codes on heavy duty vehicles. However, things have changed.

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All-Pro Fleet Services is the premier truck and fleet repair shop in Southern Oregon

Every modern shop must have a quality diagnostic laptop or tablet. It can be essential to view live data while diagnosing a vehicle. Technicians use a diesel laptop to pin point components and test that they are functioning as they should.  A computer allows you to control power mirrors, pin in and out engine components, and determine if they are functioning properly.  Also, many vehicles require programming after a part is replaced.

A quality diesel laptop will provide repair information for on-highway commercial trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and more! It will also look up part numbers from a VIN number, cross reference, get exploded parts views and more. The real key is when you can access step-by-step repair diagnostic trees, wiring diagrams and more.

A quality diesel laptop also allows a technician to force diesel particulate filter regeneration on a diesel vehicle. However, it also allows us to ensure that the dozer valve functions as it should. In this way, only necessary repairs are carried out.  Learn more about DPF Regen process here

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Diesel Laptop

A Diesel Laptop allow for a correct diagnosis


All-Pro Fleet Services is a locally owned Fleet maintenance and repair company  who specializes in providing mobile service to commercial fleets in Southern Oregon.  All-Pro Fleet Services is located at 174 Trout Way in White City. Their full service shop is equipped to handle major as well as minor repairs. All-Pro fleet Services also provides overflow service and emergency roadside repair.