Fleet Welding Southern Oregon

Fleet Repair & Welding including TIG, MIG, Arc and Acetylene Oxygen Cutting

Southern Oregon Fleet Truck & Van Welding Services

At All-Pro Fleet Services our professional welding mechanics are here for your truck or trailer. The following are the types of truck welding we’re proficient in:

  • TIG- This stands for “tungsten inert gas,” where tungsten is used as the electrode for fusing two pieces of metal. TIG welding takes time but creates precise, beautiful results. We use this process for stainless steel welding like door hinges.
  • MIG –“Metal Inert Gas” because steel welding wire is used as an electrode. It’s fed into the hole or rent to fuse it. This is the most common style of welding. We use it to build services trucks and more!
  • Arc- The easiest and cheapest option, arc welding is perfect on thick metal, especially steel. Aluminum MIG-Using an aluminum wire is more difficult than steel, but this will work for aluminum vehicle bodies. Or vehicles with aluminum ramps, suspensions and more that need repair.
  • Acetylene oxygen cutting processes- Acetylene is used as the fuel in this type of welding, which is good for removing rusted or seized bolts. Getting your welding complete and having you back on the road again is our main priority.

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  • Headache Racks
  • Frame/Suspension Cracks
  • Ramp Installs
  • Lift Gates
  • Aluminum Flooring • Mobile or In shop
  • Bulkheads
  • Customized to your vehicle
  • Truck Bed replacement
  • Quick Turn around

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