Pre-Trip Inspections save money!

Pre-Trip Inspections save money!

I have a decent commute to work and I’m usually a couple of minutes behind. I know that if I don’t get the dogs in the car and hit the road that I will have to skip my morning coffee stand and just get to work. So I jump in my car, turn the key and go go go!

Does this sound familiar? Do your employees come rolling in 2 minutes before they have to clock in? Do they jump in their service vehicle, turn the key and go, go go to their first job of the day?

What is the result of this? Blown engines, ruined transmissions, and costly roadside repair.  Just this week I had one customer share how many engines their fleet loses each year due to the vehicles running with no engine oil.  Another just towed in a vehicle that would not shift. The transmission was completely ruined from running with no transmission fluid. 

If you have a diesel truck that requires DEF (Diesel Exhaust fluid) the driver should check it and top off every time they fuel up. We get called out for emergency repairs quite a bit because a vehicle goes into limp mode (wont drive over 10 miles per hour) and it is because the DEF tank is empty.

As a fleet repair shop we educate our customers the value of having an experienced mechanic inspect their vehicles at least every 90 days. We have seen local fleets cut their repair bills in half annually because they reduced the cost of emergency repairs by installing a quarterly Preventive Maintenance program.

However, drivers should always check their tires, lights and fluids on a regular basis. This is called a “Pre-Trip Inspection”  For a great article on 50 tips for truck drivers, click HERE.

All-Pro Fleet Services is a locally owned fleet maintenance and repair company who specializes in providing mobile service to commercial fleets in Southern Oregon.  All-Pro Fleet Services is located at 174 Trout Way in White City. (541) 826-0545 Their full service shop is equipped to handle all repairs. All-Pro Fleet Services also provides overflow service and emergency roadside repair as well as major and minor repairs.