Build long term relationships. Make them your customer for 30 years, not 30 days!

When James and I started All-Pro Fleet Services almost ten years ago we wrote down who we wanted to be as a company. One of our company philosophies is to build long term relationships.  “Make them your customer for 30 years, not 30 days!” We believe this requires complete transparency in the repair process through photographic proof.

New Air Filter next to the old one.

We work with  Auto Vitals, a California based company that not only allows us to build custom inspections but also gives us unlimited picture taking ability.  Our mechanic can label each photo. He can also add circles and arrows to the pictures. This will point out exactly where the issue is to our customer. This all sounds wonderful but in reality is only as good as the photos that are taken.

We have created a “Picture Policy.”  Every time a technician works on a vehicle, the first thing he does is photographically document the condition of the vehicle. A picture is taken of the Vehicle Identification Number, as well as the instrument cluster. This documents the mileage of the vehicle, as well as any check engine lights. It also allows us to check for ABS (braking) lights, SRS (safety restraint system) and more. 

Our technician will take a picture of all four corners of the vehicle showing the condition of the vehicle. This documents any body damage. He will be sure to include the license plate number and the fleet number. This will allow us to acknowledge the condition of the vehicle. It will also confirm that we are working on the correct vehicle.  This is important in the fleet world where a customers have several identical vehicles.

He will document the recommended repairs as well as any completed repairs with pictures. Something as simple as taking a picture of the old and new air filter side by side will create transparency of the actual repairs. 

When a vehicle needs tires or brakes the customer will receive a photo with a gauge tool showing the measurement.  

This culture of transparency allows All-Pro Fleet Services to continue to grow and develop relationships of trust within our community.  Our Photo policy ultimately is one of many items that have created a company culture to always take care of the make them our customer for 30 years and not for 30 days!

All-Pro Fleet Services is a locally owned fleet maintenance and repair company who specializes in providing mobile service to commercial fleets in Southern Oregon.  All-Pro Fleet Services is located at 174 Trout Way in White City. (541) 826-0545 Their full service shop is equipped to handle all repairs. All-Pro Fleet Services also provides overflow service and emergency roadside repair as well as major and minor repairs.